The metronome that inspires musical expression, not mechanical execution.

Unique and incredible teaching tool! ★★★★★

I lecture in music, recording and composition at a large institution (dBs Music, Plymouth, UK) in both FE and HE sectors and Patrick's apps are just incredible for teaching with. There are plenty of coders writing music apps in the App Store but his show the unique musical insights only an expert and practicing musician would have. Amazing stuff. Amazing value. You will turn to these apps time and time again. Buy.

by Phineas Head

Awesome app ★★★★★

One of my favourite metronome app.

by Smooth keys

Fantastic musician's tool ★★★★★

Great to be able to see the shape of the beats when practising. A helpful tool for learning conducting too. Simple and beautifully designed. Thank you!

by S.I.A.

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User Guide

Double tap the pattern to start.

Swipe horizontally anywhere on the screen to stop.

Drag vertically anywhere on the screen to adjust tempo quickly.

Tap once to unlock the tap tempo button, then tap four times to set the tempo desired.

Tap the and buttons to fine tune the tempo.

Select the number of beats per measure from the bottom bar.

Select the style of conducting: Staccato, Neutral, or Legato.

Select either Performer's or Conductor's point of view via the P.O.V. button.

Maestro on Apple Watch

Portrait or Landscape

Conducting patterns automatically stretch to portrait or landscape viewing so you can lay your device on the stand next to your music while you practice. This allows for easier use while plugged in to save the battery.

Apple TV App



Simply addictive puzzle game.

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