Music Theory

Test your music theory skills.

Great tools for theory students ★★★★★

Thanks to this app, my score reading skills and chord recognizing has improved tremendously in just a week.

by harrycslau

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Interface Guide

Selecting a Pitch

Using the Staff: Simply touch and drag up and down on the staff to select the note, slide right for sharp, left for flat, or slide up and down right or left of the note for constant sharps and flats.

Using the Piano: Swipe to move the keyboard, tap to play notes, touch & hold then slide to glissando. When you glissando up the keyboard, notes will be notated with sharps, when you glissando down, notes will be notated with flats. When you tap specific notes they will be notated in the most common accidental for that note. ie: Eb rather than D#, F# rather than Gb.

5 in 1 : Basics

Music Theory Basics

Music Theory Basics

One app that tests the basics in all five music theory subjects.

Music Theory Apps

Individual apps that focus on a specific subject.

Music Theory Notes

Music Theory Notes

Ear training by notation or piano keyboard.

Music Theory Keys

Music Theory Keys

All major, minor, and the seven mode key signatures.

Music Theory Intervals

Music Theory Intervals

All simple and compound intervals by sight or sound.

Music Theory Chords

Music Theory Chords

All types of triads and seventh chords by sight or sound.

Music Theory Rhythms

Music Theory Rhythms

Sight reading, or practiced rhythmic accuracy.

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