Scales Lexicon

100+ scales at the tip of your finger.

Superb! ★★★★★

Finally! The perfect scale app! Very thoughtfully and simply organized user interface. Not loaded with special features. But hard to imagine finding a better delivery system. I will use this to workout on both piano and bass.

by BuffaloShrimp

Very helpful! ★★★★★

This app is helping me learn better intonation in my upright bass studies. Thanks so much!!!!!

by Thomas Burgett

A unique and incredible teaching tool! ★★★★★

I lecture in music, recording and composition at a large institution (dBs Music, Plymouth, UK) in both FE and HE sectors and Patrick's apps are just incredible for teaching with. There are plenty of coders writing music apps in the App Store but his show the unique musical insights only an expert and practicing musician would have. Amazing stuff. Amazing value. You will turn to these apps time and time again. Buy.

by Phineas Head

Great App ★★★★★

Very awesome scales app, I use it while I DJ and play sax, very easy to read and switch between scales.

by DJ David Soto

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Interface Guide

Selecting a Pitch

Using the Staff: Simply touch and drag up and down on the staff to select the note, slide right for sharp, left for flat, or slide up and down right or left of the note for constant sharps and flats.

Using the Piano: Swipe to move the keyboard, tap to play notes, touch & hold then slide to glissando. When you glissando up the keyboard, notes will be notated with sharps, when you glissando down, notes will be notated with flats. When you tap specific notes they will be notated in the most common accidental for that note. ie: Eb rather than D#, F# rather than Gb.

Concert / Written Pitch

You will always hear the concert pitch for the written pitch based on the selected instrument's transposition.

Instrumental Transpositions

Transpositions are provided for Ab, Eb, Bb, F, G, D, A, and E instruments.

Play along with the written notes. The app will automatically play the transposed (concert) pitch with you.

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