Build your sight-reading skills by playing from a near endless supply of waltzes.

Sight-reading for Piano 1
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These collected measures were originally presented as a musical dice game attributed to Mozart. While the authenticity of it actually being created by Mozart is questionable, it's still fun and an easy way to strengthen your sight-reading skills.

Play both hands together, or play one while the app plays the other.

Hear it played first or check your accuracy after you sight-read it.

Create a waltz with a touch of a button. If you like the waltz the app composes, create a pdf of the music to share via email or print out to play later.

If you want to change a measure, just swipe up or down on the measure to pick a new one.

Some measures have many variations, while others are always nearly identical.
Even with the duplicate measures, there are approximately 380,000,000,000,000 combinations of waltzes.


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