Build your sight-reading skills at an intermediate level by playing from a near endless supply of minuets.

Sight-reading for Piano 2
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Following the rules of Mozart's Musical Dice game, these measures (originally published anonymously in 1787) create a Minuet and Trio.

A fun and an easy way to strengthen your sight-reading skills. Play both hands together, or work one hand while the app plays the other.

If you're a piano teacher, this is a great way of generating an assignment. Gift the app to your students who could use sight-reading work, and for the more advanced students, have them analyze the chord progressions and figure out why it always sounds good. A simple yet useful app to further their musical progress and understanding.

Create a minuet and trio with a touch of a button. If you like what the app creates, share a pdf of the music via email or print it out to play again later as often as you wish.

Check your accuracy after sight-reading the piece or hear it played first. If you don't like a particular measure, just swipe up or down on it to pick a new one.

There are approximately 1.3 * 10^29 possible combinations of minuets.


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