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Tryout the ultimate visual metronome.

Maestro Lite
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Maestro - A visual, as well as audio, metronome that inspires musical expression rather than mechanical execution.

Maestro is also the perfect 'silent' metronome. Be able to practice without the annoying tick, while keeping to a strict tempo.

Always know where you are inside the beat with the traditional musical beat patterns developed over centuries of musical performance practice. These patterns are based on Max Rudolf's "Grammar of Conducting" as well as my own professional conducting experience of 20+ years.

This metronome is an invaluable learning tool for conductors when using the Conductor's Point of View mode.


Change the tempo on the fly from 10 to 300 bpm with Tap Tempo, drag gestures, and & buttons.

Simple and compound subdivisions of the beat.

Maestro Lite has 2 different beat patterns: 3 and 10(3+3+2+2) while Maestro has 31: 1 through 12(3+3+3+3). A 5/4 bar can be divided either 3+2 or 2+3 depending on the music.

Set 0, 1, or 2 'pick-up' beats. Start playing at the beginning of the measure quicker.

Staccato, Neutral, Legato, and Reduced styles of each beat pattern.

The 'Reduced' style: The patterns automatically adjust when the tempo reaches a level that requires a different pattern. For example: a Legato 3 pattern turns into a 1 pattern while still clicking 3 beats. A 6(2+2+2) goes into 3 while a 6(3+3) goes into 2 while still clicking 6 beats. Maestro Lite's 10 pattern turns into a four pattern following the beat groupings of (3+3+2+2).

Performer's View and Conductor's View of the beat pattern.

The Conductor's View mode automatically flips the beat pattern so conductors can learn and practice the patterns. This mode shows the path the tip of the baton should take while conducting.

16 pairs of 'tick and 'tock' sounds to choose from.

Customizable colors of the baton, beat pattern and numerical texts.

Customizable transparencies of the beat pattern and background POV image.

Switch to turn on/off the automatic reduced pattern feature. This will allow you to stay with the complete beat pattern at tempos that are too fast to actually conduct.


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