Scales Lexicon

100+ scales at the tip of your finger.

Excellent resource!!! ★★★★

I wanted an app that could quickly show me the notes from many different scales and this app nails it! I purchased this along with another app that was £4 more expensive than this and to be honest i prefer this one.

by A bloke from Yorkshire

Great reference tool for musicians ★★★★★

This program couldn't be simpler to use while providing a database of scales from the European classical tradition, jazz and pop, world music, and even the modernist world of Messiaen. Transposing keys is a snap, while the ability to vary tempo, register, number of octaves, and rhythmic pattern makes this an invaluable practice tool. Already one of my favorite music apps.

by Joshcello

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Concert / Written Pitch

You will always hear the concert pitch for the written pitch based on the selected instrument's transposition.

Instrumental Transpositions

Transpositions are provided for Ab, Eb, Bb, F, G, D, A, and E instruments.

Play along with the written notes. The app will automatically play the transposed (concert) pitch with you.

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Simply addictive puzzle game.

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