Vocal Exercises

A pianist in your pocket.

Excellent app! Highly recommend! ★★★★★

I used this app while traveling and away from a keyboard. It was very helpful, so helpful in fact, that I plan to warm up with it at home instead of with my keyboard.

Good design, very intuitive and a pleasure to use. The user can easily control the speed of the exercises, the pitch of the exercises, whether the exercises go up or down.

If any improvements are needed, may I suggest more written instruction. The instruction are already very good. I could use more vowel sounds or suggestions to go with the later exercises.

by Hanuman4

Invaluable! ★★★★★

Patrick perhaps was the first to fill in a vacuum for this invaluable app for serious singers.

by Osiarap

Great for Hands Off Warmups! ★★★★★

Thanks for providing a hands free warmup for my students! Piano is a challenge for me, especially while trying to multi-task. This program is a win-win in my musical collection!

by GotAnyGourds

Awesome vocal warm! ★★★★★

Love the extra time in between to take a full breath. The high notes have been easier to hit.

by Mondolpha

Excelente vale la pena ★★★★★

Excelente!!!!! Es verdaderamente muy bueno!
(Excellent, Worth it - Excellent!! It is truly very good!)

by gariro (Mexico)

Do your vocal warmups with piano accompaniment.

Vocal Exercises
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  • Pick an exercise. (Suggestions for each exercise are included, but you can obviously use them any way you or your vocal coach see fit.)
  • Pick a starting note from the keyboard or the musical staff (green note) in treble or bass clef. (The range of the exercise will be displayed in blue).
  • Select whether you want to move up or down a step when the exercise repeats.
  • Press Play.
  • Adjust the tempo. This can be used to totally change how each exercise is used for your voice.
  • Adjust the amount of 'breath' the app gives you between each repetition.

You can change the tempo and 'breath' amount while it plays.

Don't let your intonation drift by trying to warm up a cappella. Have an accompanist in your pocket.


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